Working Hours

Organisation of Working Time Act, 1997.

The Act regulates working hours as follows:

Maximum 45 hour week: subject to some exceptions, the most important of which is those in a position to decide their own working time eg self-employed.
Minimum 15 minute break every four and a quarter hours or 30 minutes every six hours.
At least 11 consecutive hours rest in 24 hours.
Sundays off: unless otherwise stated in the contract of employment. An employee who is required to work Sundays must be compensated with a reasonable allowance or increase in pay or time off or a combination of the above.
Night Worker: someone who works at lease three hours between 12 midnight and 7.00 a.m. at least 50% of the year.
Limitations: Average eight hours per night over two-month period for those not involved in work of special hazard or physical or mental strain, in which case the limit is eight hours each night.