Adoptive Leave

Adoptive Leave Act, 1995.

An employed adopting mother or sole male adopter is entitled to 10 weeks adoptive leave and a further four weeks additional adoptive leave.In general, the leave commences on the day of placement, but, in the case of foreign adoption, some or all of the leave may be taken immediately before the day of placement.

Where an adoptive mother dies, the adopting father is entitled to a period of leave equivalent to the outstanding balance of the adopting mother's leave.

Employees must give at least four weeks written notice of:


* taking adoptive leave

* taking additional adoptive leave

* returning to work

An employer is also entitled to be notified of the date of placement and given a certificate of placement as soon as is practicable.

Social welfare benefit, if applicable, is available during adoptive leave.

Employment rights are protected during adoptive and additional adoptive leave.