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John Glynn & Co, Dublin, Ireland

The firm was established by John Glynn in May, 1972 as the first solicitor's office in Tallaght, Dublin, Ireland. From small beginnings it has grown steadily and now represents a significant number of local companies and many thousands of clients with a team of three full time solicitors and eleven auxiliary staff. Its objective is to defend the rights of the citizen and provide a full legal service at a price clients can afford. Courtesy and consideration are paramount.

Enduring Power of Attorney

Are you worried about mental illness especially with advancing years? Are you concerned about the prospect of a stroke, Alzheimer or dementia?

Family Law

Family law is an area of the law that deals with family related issues and domestic relations. We have over 40 years experience in family law.

Wills & Probate

It is important that you make a Will since you place yourself in a position to provide for the distribution of your property by means of a clear legal document which will only take effect when you die.

House Purchase and Sale

Our firm prides itself in offering a professional efficient friendly yet keenly priced service in respect of house purchase and sale.

Personal Injury Claims.

John Glynn & Co Solicitors provides independent legal advice to those who have suffered an injury and are seeking personal injury* claims.

Latest News

2nd September 2015

Cycling accident Settled for €14,430

Our Client came to the office from Kerry. He had been on his bicycle in Killarney back in November 2013. He had been cycling up inside a line of traffic. There was a lady at the front of the line of traffic who turned suddenly and he collided with her vehicle. He was thrown off the bicycle and landed on his left shoulder. He had been taken to Tralee General Hospital where he was x-rayed and a fracture was diagnosed. He was off work for six weeks. Our Client received a Settlement of €14,430
1st July 2015

Case settled for €10,300

Our Client had been up in the Wicklow mountains for the day and travelled back home along the N11. He came to a junction where the traffic lights were amber, so he slowed down and stopped. All of a sudden a car hit him from behind, and another car ran into the back of that car. His son who is 12 was a front seat passenger. He checked to see if he was ok and then got out of the car, the other Drivers got out as well. Straight away our Client realised he had a pain in his neck and he asked the Driver of the car behind if he was ok.  They were all in shock.  The driver behind our Client rang the Guards, in the meantime a Garda car from Blackrock Station arrived on the scene and they asked if anyone needed to go to Hospital. Then they got everyone to exchange details. They moved everyone off the road to the side and everyone waited for about twenty minutes as the other cars had to be towed away. The Gardai told our client to go to his local Station and bring his Insurance and details of his NCT. He then drove home. Our Client received €10,300 for this accident resulting in injuries to his neck and constant headaches.

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